A Punt is a long, narrow flat-bottomed boat, square at both ends and propelled with a long pole by a one person standing at one end and pushing on the bottom of the river. It seats 4 passengers plus one "Punter"!. Have a go yourself or we will punt you, if not too busy!

Great for weddings, anniversaries, special occasions, etc. Please phone us to arrange if it is a special occasion and you would like us to punt you, so we can ensure we have the available staff.

Knaresborough Boats has been operating from the same location since 1882.

In 2016 it was taken over by father and son team Steven Kirkley and Daniel Markie.

Having worked at the boats during school holidays and weekends since he was 13,

it has been Dan's hobby and passion for a number of years and to get the

opportunity to own the business really is a dream come true.

07973 803 186